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Changes to the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) data

Posted by Team Data Trace on 8/31/18 12:00 AM


Here are the changes you will now see when accessing OFAC data:

  • All Consolidated Sanction lists are now included in our database

  • Names removed from the OFAC website will now be removed from our database

  • The case number format has changed:

    • Previously: both SDN and Consolidated Sanctions names were displayed as OFAC, Month, Day, Century and Year and added to the database as OFAC07052018

    • Now: Two different case numbers are displayed, this allows you to identify which list the name was generated from. In addition, the date added will no longer be used as part of the case number formats, instead the internal number listed by the Department of Treasury will be used:

      OFAC023443 = Department of Treasury Internal Number – Specially Designated Nationals + Blocked Persons

      SANC004632 = Department of Treasury Internal Number – Consolidated Sanctions

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