DataTrace Title Support


Posted by Andrea Henney on 4/1/20 10:15 AM


DataTrace is your trusted partner to help your business overcome disruption to the valuable services that serve your communities. As a result, DataTrace® has launched a 40-year title plant for Philadelphia, PA county.

The DataTrace Philadelphia title plant, geographically posted back to January 3, 1977, is available immediately for current DataTrace System (DTS) subscribers. DTS provides a centralized solution that includes direct search capabilities for title plant and online indices. For Philadelphia county, DTS provides convenient links to the public portals for Assessment, Delinquent Tax, GIS/Tax Maps, Prothonotary and Municipal Court data. Additionally, to support the unique and complex title examination process in Philadelphia county, the DataTrace Philadelphia Title Plant integrates directly with DataTrace field services, for order fulfillment by a team of DataTrace local experts. NOTE ‒ This feature will be available once PA city and county offices reopen.

DataTrace has over 545 title plants nationwide, providing you with the most comprehensive geographic data coverage in a single easy-to-use platform. To learn more about the Philadelphia Title Plant and the DataTrace System, please contact your Account Executive or send an email to

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