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Illinois State Tax Lien – Out of County Codes

Posted by Andrea Henney on 10/2/23 8:00 AM

DataTrace is updating the state tax lien codes to distinguish “in county” state tax liens vs “out of county” state tax liens. From February 1, 2024, forward, users now have the option to view all liens or only in-county liens. All document codes for liens filed on the State website (starting in 2018 to present) are updated as follows. The new codes will replace any previous LN codes in DTS.


Illinois State Tax Liens (2018 Forward)

New Code

State Tax liens (in county)


State Tax Liens Amended (in county)


State Tax Liens Partial Release (in county)


State Tax Liens Release (in county)


State Tax Liens (out of county)


State Tax Liens Amended (out of county)


State Tax Liens Partial Release (out of county)


State Tax Liens Release (out of county)



The system default will show all Tax lien codes both in and out of county; however, you can easily update the view to remove out-of-county liens by excluding category OOC SLN from the search input screen.

For further clarification, please contact your customer support team.

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